Six Ways To Brighten Your Single Friends’ Valentine’s Day

Vice President Kamala Harris made news when she tweeted a reminder to “Check on your single friends” at Christmastime, as it may have been a first for many to be alone at that time. What a kind sentiment and much appreciated from this single person who hasn’t seen most of her family members for a year. I’d like to bring that concept back here in Valentine’s week, culminating in the actual holiday on Sunday, February 14.

Valentine Hearts Image for Hug Me Designs

I’ve always thought of Valentine’s Day as a made-up Hallmark holiday. Yet even so and even with the knowledge that the day can be disappointing when you’re with a “romantic” partner (i.e. one too cheap to buy decent flowers), for the uncoupled the holiday underscores your aloneness on this planet. I think it’s because of the absolute bombardment from TV, social media, radio, and all stores, including the grocery store, reminding you that romantic love, candy, flowers, and Cupid are everywhere! Except at your house.

So, here are six ways this week you can brighten the day of a single person who means a lot to you:

  1. Send a Valentine. Last year, my friend Anita sent me a homemade card with a simple message such as “thanks for being a friend.” It meant so much to me that I teared up. Sending someone a friendly old-fashioned Valentine could make their day. Get your kids into this project.
  2. Send a digital Valentine. Easy peasy. Can be as simple as shooting them an email with a heart in it.
  3. Call. We’re all inundated with texts and Zoom calls these days, so picking up the phone is the next best old-fashioned method for connecting. Why not try it?
  4. Text. It’s cheap and easy and still meaningful. Send a “Happy Valentines’ Day” text to all your single friends. They will appreciate it, and you will have reconnected with friends = win win.
  5. Give a little gift. I’m not suggesting a dozen roses or a giant heart-shaped box of candy, but seriously, dropping off a handful of Hershey’s kisses or a flower at a friend’s house could earn you the hero of the year award… or even better, you could do it as a secret admirer! That would be amazing.
  6. Fix them up. Not all single people want to be fixed up or coupled up, but if you know friends who do, help them! You might think they’re having a blast online dating—ha...haha. Gawd no. Help a friend out. Think hard about your work colleagues, your old college friends, your friends from a sports team you’re on… doesn’t anyone have a brother/sister/newly single buddy? Finding your friend a new friend would be the best gesture of all…. If you still can’t think of anyone, back to that Valentine’s text!

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