Knock, Knock, Knock… Is This Thing On?

Just today, I was walking down the street wearing my “Hug Me, I Got the Vax” tee, and this guy walked past and said “Love it!” A few days ago, I got a similar reaction wearing my “Go Hug Yourself” tee. These reactions always surprise me, because I didn’t realize what a strong reaction strangers would have to my shirts.

My favorite story since launching the company came from a friend who wore her vax tee to a bar in the Midwest. The bartender came out and hugged her and thanked her for getting vaccinated! I wonder if you have a story like that? If so, I’d love to hear about it so that I can share it with a larger audience.

If you have bought a Hug Me Designs tee that you love, if you could do one or all of a few things, it would be a great help.

  1. Send me a photo of you wearing your tee that I can share to social media. Of course, if it's a Tree Hugger, Dog Hugger, or Cat Hugger tee, I want one of you hugging one of those! 
  2. If you have a story such as someone laughing at your shirt or hugging you as a result of it, please send it along.
  3. Send me a fun tee shirt idea. Even if it’s not hug-related, if it’s fun and funny and will make people smile, I will consider it. If I use your idea, of course, you get a free tee with your slogan on it.
  4. Peruse and find a fun holiday gift for a friend.

Send all to Thanks for being an awesome Hug Me Designs customer!


Molly W., Chief Executive Hugger 

Photos by Allison Harbaugh