Enter Hug Me Designs Dog Hugger Photo Contest for February 2021

Welcome to Hug Me Designs first-ever photo contest! All dog lovers should enter for a chance to win our super cool Dog Hugger Tee.

This is how it works:

  • Post a photo on Facebook or Instagram of you or a loved one hugging your dog. Make it awesome, because even after the first few days, of this contest, the competition is fierce.
  • Tag @hugmedesigns. That’s it.
  • Texting our Chief Executive hugger is not a valid entry.
  • Emailing our Chief Executive Hugger is not a valid entry—although if you want to chat about new tee shirt designs or have questions, by all means do so: hugmedesigns@gmail.com
  • Otherwise, take a dog pic, post, and tag. That’s all.
  • Contest runs until February 28 at midnight. We will announce the winter and send out the free Dog Hugger shirt March 1.
  • Note that our Dog Hugger Tee comes in men's and women's sizes and multiple colors, including black. 

In March, we’ll launch a new contest, so you cat and tree huggers should hone your hugging and photography skills, because we’re ready to give away some free Hug Me Tees!

Find our collection for dog lovers here. 

Find our full collection here